About Us

2950 Hwy 5 S | Mountain Home, AR

2950 Hwy 5 S | Mountain Home, AR

We are a group of Christians who desire to worship God as He had commanded us in the New Testament. We do not follow any human creed nor do we submit to any human organization or headquarters. We follow only the Bible in all that we do. We are simply Christians, just like the Christians found in the New Testament.

Jesus is our only hope, and the Bible is our only guide.

The Highway 5 South Church of Christ began in 1989, when Larry Darnell and 8-10 Christians decided to form a faithful congregation in Mountain Home, Arkansas. The church first met in a small house. In 1991 the congregation built the present meeting place. Larry Darnell preached for three years but was forced to resign because of bad health. Joe Davis, a local school teacher who helped start the church, then preached for two years. Jerry Henderson was the evangelist from 1995-2000. John Shadowens worked with the congregation, first as an evangelist, then as elder and evangelist, from 2000-2009. Joe Davis served with him as an elder. In November 2009, Keith Sharp became the evangelist. In January, 2011 Joe Davis and Keith Sharp became the elders of the church.

Meet our evangelist

Keith Sharp began preaching at Quitman AR in May of 1965, and was married to Sandy that September. They have four grown children and three grandchildren.

Keith sends out a free, monthly e-mail paper called “Meditate on These Things.” From requests generated by this web site, Sandy mails out and grades Bible correspondence course lessons all over the world. You may listen to Keith’s sermons on the podcast sharpsermons.org. Among his published books are What Must I Do to be Saved?, What It Means to be a Christian, Calvinism on Trial, and The Christian and Sin.