Free Bibles

If you simply want a PDF (Acrobat Reader) copy of the Bible, the following link will take you to a copy of the King James Version.
Old Testament (3 MB)
New Testament (1 MB)

Or here are some FREE Bible programs that you can install and use on your computer:

The Online Bible
Sort of a misnomer, since once it is installed, you do not have to be “online” to use it. A very good software package.

Bible Explorer
I’ve never used this software, but it looks like it might be useful, and definitely worth a try.

Though I’ve never used E-Sword, I know folks who have used it and are impressed with it.

Bible Pro
Again, not a package that I’ve used, but looks good. Main page declares, “The Bible on Every Device” (PC, iPad, iPhone, Android & Web Version).

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